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May 24

You’re my fantasy man

Posted on Monday, May 24, 2010 in Happiness, Men, Relationships, Sex/sexuality, Women

I was strolling the supermarket doing my usual food shopping this weekend when I came to my favorite aisle: the candy aisle. The eye candy aisle.

Honestly, it is purely coincidental that I’m often buying groceries at the same time that the local firemen are shopping, too. But I not only stock up on all the food I need; I also get a few fantasies. Can your supermarket do that?

“Why do women love firemen?” I asked Sara as we hung at the dog park later, watching our dogs chase each other around.

“Let me guess — you’ve been to the grocery store again. Honestly, Kat!”

“Well, I needed stuff!” I sniffed.  

Oh-kay. I think it’s the whole fantasy thing, you know — being rescued and everything.”

I have plenty of fantasies, but not about being rescued. Still, if I needed to be, pretty much any one of them would absolutely do. Our local firemen are hot.

Women love to fantasize about macho men —  firemen, construction workers, pirates (the Johnny Depp type, obviously) cops, cowboys. Men who are so manly, they’ll make us feel like real women.

And guys? Uh, well, just take your cues from Jesse James and Tiger Woods — porn stars, strippers, nurses, flight attendants, nannies and baby-sitters, cheerleaders, maids, their best friend’s hot wife, teachers, librarians and other “proper” types they want to defile (although I’m not too sure how many men fantasized about Camilla except Prince Charles), 19-year-olds … OK, pretty much any woman, but especially trashy chicks and subservient ones.

I’m guessing we gals want someone to take charge of us in our fantasies, and guys mostly want to be in charge (except for the dominatrix fantasies … or the ones in which two blond hotties at the bar insist that they take him home and have their way with him or something like that).

It’s not surprising that men have more fantasies that we gals do — why do they have all the fun? — and they tend to be more aggressive than ours, which still tend to have a lot of romance and passion in them.

But even though we can we can be having flying-off-the-chandelier kinky sex with a hot nurse or a fireman or anyone else in our head, evidently most of our fantasies are just plain ol’ vanilla sex with a past lover or our present one.

How boring is that?

  • How rich is your fantasy life?
  • Who do you fantasize about?
  • Who’s doing what to whom?
  • Have you acted on a fantasy?
  • If so, did that ruin it?