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Jun 6

Sending naked pics on your cell phone?

Posted on Monday, June 6, 2011 in Kat, Men, Relationships, Sex/sexuality, Women

Sara, Mia and I were enjoying post-hike lattes at Cibo when Mia checked to see what had beeped on her phone.

“Oh for goodness sake!”

“What?” Sara and I asked simultaneously.

“Look for yourselves,” she said as she held up her iPhone. 

It was a photo of an erection. Covered by cotton undies, but undeniably a hard-on. A nice hard-on, BTW.

“Ha!” Sara laughed. “You’ve just been Weinered!”

“Whose is it?” I asked.

“It’s that guy I’m flirting with on OKCupid.”

“You should stop flirting and go out with him ASAP, girlfriend; you need to see that bad boy in person, know what I mean?” I said.

“That’s disgusting,” Sara said. “What is he doing sending you a picture of his junk when you haven’t even gone out yet?”

Good question; advertising?

We’ve been taking nudie shots of ourselves and our lovers from the first time we had the technology to take pictures, so it’s not surprising that people are sending nude pics on their cellphones.

It’s just a lot more dicey now because it can end up being seen by someone other than the intended recipient — or thousands of someones — if you’re not careful.

Who knows if newly married New York  Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner meant to send a photo of his undie-hidden erection to a journalism student or his wife (or someone else?) on Twitter. Regardless if his Twitter was hacked — as he claims — or not, he certainly wouldn’t be the first guy to send a pic of his junk to an unsuspecting woman. And there are just as many gals sending nudie shots of themselves.

Which makes me wonder — why?

  • Is it a turn on if someone you’re dating sextexts you a  “naughty” pic?
  • Is it a turn on if it’s from someone you haven’t started to date yet?
  • Have you ever sent/received naked pic?